ANOTHER DIRGE (Unreleased Complete Demo)




Label: -

Recording, Mixing & Mastering: RA Martín (FNS, Valencia, Spain)

Original format: -


released August 15, 1995

drums: RA Martín, bass: Jorge Vila, vocals: César Soriano, guitars: Pepe Cifuentes & David Fornés



all rights reserved


TOTAL DEATH Valencia, Spain

TOTAL DEATH was formed in Valencia in the summer of 1988. It was one of the first bands on the Extreme Metal scene at Spain. The band is working since 1988 (all the time) to today.

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Track Name: Terror Side
All it´s so real in this fucking world
death sings a dirge everyday, in this terror side

Death´s zone, war, pain
children in arms cos of a fucking goverment
hate, anger, blood, suffering
dead children before they´re born
playing to rule a fuckin´ town
fire, cry, illnes, misery
are you a mortician?
or a bloody politician
justice is lost, poverty, slavery
this is their game
corpses without names
(infected by) Deadly A.I.D.S., suicide power
brother killing brothers
you´re not like the others
Dead forests, dead world
the nightmare ends with no salvation
Inner chaos, confused thought
tormenting ourselves
through morvid tales
Crush, fight, waste to lay
all it´s so real when you are by this side
(when you sing a dirge with us)

Below your mind, below your soul
they´re vexing you
inside your eyes, inside your head
your brain is rotten too
unjustifiable fight comanded by the biggest asshole

Their shitty brains
only think in a coward violence
sending a son to kill or to die... reason of what!!!
stop them from doing it and rest in fucking peace.
Track Name: Death Bed
Dying in your deathbed
darkness grew up in your mind
while the death spirit
realized the execution

Amongst weepings and curses
the colour of his body
turned pale suddenly
and his eyes turned white

While the agony penetrated his mind
the torment got in his entrails more and more
death hounded with its scythe
the victim´s neck
while the victim sinked in the dark swamp
drowning himself in the inert mud

Finally, he couldn´t support the lashes given by the death
finally, he couldn´t support the pain
finally, you´re mine !

While death exulted in its interior
the victim fell in the grave (without compassion)
the soul was brutally pulled up of his body
and was taken to the deepest hell,
while the mortal body lay dowm, dressed in wood
two spans under land.
Track Name: The Tree's Man
Murder in the town
blood on the door
footprints on the ground,
the axe in his hand, governs

Darkness in his refuge
there´s someone looking for something
without justice and future
paralysed, waiting with fucking devils
black stains floating
shadows without definition
he hears, footsteps and shouts
but he laughs at his end

The anger involved him,
being tied and bloodstained
walking between cries,
the tree waits for him

The rope on the branch
marks the unconsciousness
the rope on the neck
fits its reality
balancing in his life´s watch
between laughs and laughs
the man bothers
he can´t exposing his reasons.

The night fell down
and the corpse hung up
without waiting, without any hurry
blowing with the smooth wind

He shrinked as the time goes by
being part of the ground
and his soul fell down from the tree
into the oblivion caverns
his memory is anguish
and from his cursed tree,
the rope fell down
and his story with it.
Track Name: The Caveman
The cave man governs our city
clever knocker of feeble minds
The last brain will be lost
and you´re the only one to blame
at the head of the city
you´re realy blind

Brutal cave man
I´m the speck of dust in your eyes
poor cave man
I´m the new blood you need

Lies teller
I´m the old one in your brain
the hard fist in your mouth
Improvised dictator
hate preacher with a muddy mind..
..and black hands

Masterful animal
don´t give a speech
don´t steal mind
cos my bullet calls you
now, I´ll love to see you run

No way, cave man
I´m the forensic
you fear....dead man
in your last sick kingdom
now, I´ll love to see you run